An immersive game is a game that immerses participants in the narrative and activities. Our games take a variety of forms from escape room style games to outdoor hunts. Our games are inspired by escape rooms, video games, board games, immersive theatre and choose your own adventure books. Participation, interaction, team work, creativity and problem-solving lie at the heart of all of our games along with a huge focus on fun.

Yes. All of our indoor games are entirely mobile and delivered directly to you. They come with everything you need to run them at your own location.

Absolutely. All of our games are designed to be truly immersive experiences. By using beautiful graphics, innovative props, technology, intriguing puzzles, video, narrative and lacing our games with interaction, we create a truly immersive environment for players. Although please note we don’t provide room décor.

Yes. All of our games are available to hire for a one-off event or to license to run as frequently as you want (Please note: our outdoor hunts operate differently).

We provide everything you need to run a game except for the room(s) to run them in. Depending on the game you are running, room requirements vary and are detailed in each of the individual game specifications. Some of our games require more than one room. Please check that you have a suitable space for running the game before you order. (Note some of our games also require the use of a laptop or laptop and projector – see individual game specifications for details)

All of our games are easy to set up and run. Once set up they require minimum or no intervention. However, the success of the game does depend on a careful set up or reset, so you should ensure that you have adequate time set aside to set up games. We provide detailed set up guides for all of our self-facilitated games. The first time you set up a game you should allow 60 minutes. Follow on games are usually much quicker to reset and shouldn’t take more than 15-30 minutes.

Unfortunately if you are setting up a game, you will know too much about how it works to participate but you can enjoy watching your colleagues / friends play. Alternatively, you can ask us to run the games for you.

Yes. we can provide game hosts to run our games at your team building corporate events, meaning you can relax or even join in the games yourself. If your game is for use in a learning, development or assessment scenario, we can provide professional L & D facilitators to run and debrief your game for you.

All of our games come with enough materials to run them up to four times. Many of our games are played over 60 minutes. We suggest that in a single day you could reliably run a game four times, allowing for resets and breaks in between. Of course you are welcome to hire games for longer periods. If you are running games for assessment or training purposes and will be conducting a debrief session after each game with the players, we recommend playing up to three games in one day.

The number of players per game varies. Most of our games are either suitable for between 3-6 players or between 6-12 players. As most of our games can be run up to 4 times per day, 24-48 players can play a game in a day, depending on the game you choose. If you hire multiple games from us you can run them simultaneously and some of our games could be run for 100+ people simultaneously, for example at a conference or away day. Player numbers vary for our outdoor games.

Sure. We can package together some of our games and put together a full programme of activities for your event based upon your requirements. You can then run these yourself or we can run the event for you.

At the moment we only distribute our games in the UK. We have plans to expand internationally and we are currently investigating overseas shipping options. We are happy to operate internationally for specific assignments.

Please see individual games for prices.

If you are looking to make bulk purchases or wish to talk about longer term hire, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Yes, if you are hiring a game from us in the UK, our game prices include delivery and return charges.

We offer two licences: internal and commercial.
• Internal licences: Our internal licence allows you to run the games internally in your organisation as often as you wish, for your employees.
• Commercial licences: If you wish to offer our games to your clients you will need to purchase a commercial licence. For example if you run team building events and want to run our games for paying clients, you will need this licence.
In both cases replacement consumable parts are available for purchase from us.

We go to great lengths to quality check every game before it is dispatched to you. We also include spares for most game components. However we do ask that you check your game contents on arrival at least 48 hours before your event. If you are missing anything, contact us immediately and we will arrange for replacement parts to be sent to you before your event. In the rare case that we cannot get you a replacement in time, we have manual back-ups for most of our puzzles.

Firstly, please see above for missing parts. If something breaks during the game, such as a lock or puzzle item, we provide you with manual back-ups to override.

We recommend you place your order with us at least a week in advance of your event. We will deliver your game at least 48 hours before your event starts giving you enough time to check the contents, set up and if necessary understand the game mechanics.

When you have finished playing your game / hire period is over, simply pack the game back into its packaging. Unless otherwise agreed, we will have arranged pick up for the next working day after your event.

Yes. You can license our games and offer them out to your clients as part of your portfolio. Contact us for details of our commercial licensing packages.

Our games will enliven any training session and are powerful tools that highlight learning and development needs and competencies. Whether it’s problem-solving, team working and communication or management and leadership competencies, we have games that will engage and educate your audience. All of our games aimed at learning and development contain full facilitation instructions and debriefing notes.

A number of our games are especially designed to be used for assessment purposes. These games come with full details on the competencies that they are designed to assess as well as information on how to observe, facilitate and debrief players. Alternatively we can provide professional assessors and facilitators to run the games for you.

Absolutely! We can create bespoke games for a whole variety of purposes. Whether you are looking for an innovative way to launch a new product or service, an immersive experience to entertain guests at a conference, a bespoke training activity or an original way to induct new employees, call us to discuss your requirements.