We create exceptional portable immersive games, enabling people to discover more about themselves and others whilst having fun.


We design and develop mobile, immersive games and escape rooms that we bring to you. All of our games are challenging, immersive and interactive experiences. They can be run at almost any location. We have developed games specifically for use in management, team working and leadership training workshops. Some games are designed for staff assessment and recruitment, others are for team building, and quite a few are simply for fun.

Every game has been professionally designed and produced by a team of game designers and organisational development experts. Games are crafted in a way which engages players and provides opportunities for teamwork, communication, critical thinking and collaboration. Our games are ‘hands on’ and include a range of puzzles, activities and clues. They bring the experience to life and prove to be hugely memorable. Each game has a time limit, which helps to increase the excitement and brings people together to achieve the challenge.


Miles Huckle started 10 Seconds To Go based on many years of experience training, coaching, facilitating and consulting in organisations. This passion to create excellent games with real depth and learning is shared across the team. We are fascinated to understand how people learn through gamification and reflective practice. 10 Seconds To Go has become the ‘go to’ company for portable learning and development games.


10 Seconds To Go was started by professional development experts with a passion for escape rooms, puzzles, game design and experiential learning.